The Impact of Technology in Pharmaceutical Marketing

The influx of technology into multiple aspects of the healthcare sector has impacted the pharmaceutical marketing strategies. Technology is marching on and so are the strategies that are involved in healthcare marketing. The advancement of multimedia-rich marketing strategies have posed challenges for marketers. Pharmaceutical marketing is thus undergoing a digital transformation. Doctors, medical marketers, pharmaceutical industry experts rely on the internet to gather information and find solutions to specific problems. This problem shooting ability that technology boasts of, has been of immense help across the pharmaceutical sector. Adapting to the changing norms helps but there are other parameters that an ardent marketer would have to consider to be successful across the pharmaceutical sector.

Impact of Technology on Medical Marketing:

Technology is taking big strides in the world of medical marketing. The pharmaceutical sector is not far behind as the targeted audience today prefer digitally appealing material to make purchase decisions. The inclusion of technology into multi-channel marketing campaigns has helped marketers save time and resources. Yes, in addition to being cost effective, podcasts, blogs and online promotional material has taken the world by storm. The winning strategies employ technology to minimize the interpersonal distance. Thus marketers today ought to capitalize on the technological prowess to decipher complex concepts and explain the same to the lay audience effectively.

Technology Fosters Credibility

Pharmaceutical marketing strategies were always a two-dimensional thing but the inclusion of technology has ensured that marketers and clients may imbibe email, online searches and multimedia presentations with equal dynamism. Social media is a big plus for pharmaceutical marketers. Besides, online testimonials can add more credibility to the brand and specific products.

Technology Augments Business Success:

Technology plays a significant role in helping marketers achieve business excellence and monetary growth.  Providing authoritative decision makers with multimedia rich content, depicting the product, the viability of the business plan and more can keep your targeted audience engrossed to the product, brand and hence foster businesses growth in monetary terms. That is not all; you can become the go-to person for information gathering and help key decision makers make the right business decision.

Personalized Communication

The world of pharmaceutical marketing is an evergreen one and there is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ concept. Each situation is distinct and needs to be dealt with appropriately. Physicians today are not opting for face-to-face meetings any more. Marketers should ideally cover several topics and provide solutions to related queries articulately so as to nurture their business association with medical practitioners and hospital executives. The content should be rich in information, accurate and relevant.

There have been some marketing strategies that have been trending through 2016. The top 3 marketing trends that ruled the roost in 2016 are:

Mobile marketing.

Mobile marketing through mobile devices is set to surpass desktop device use. Mobile phones are getting bigger and easier to use.  Bigger players like Google and Facebook are formatting things to enable a better user experience.  There have been advancements in mobile-friendly algorithms and layout changes for enhanced user experience. That is not all; wearable devices viz. smart watches are gaining popularity like never before. Hence medical marketers may design their campaigns to suit the changing technological environment.


The growth of e-commerce businesses has resulted in the mushrooming of several start-ups, so much so that consumers are tired of receiving the same marketing mailers from multiple sources. Medical marketers may have to work harder and smarter to make their campaigns stand out. Personalization is thus the catchphrase for marketers aiming for enormous business success. Providing unique and customizable user experience goes a long way in fostering business association, building a bigger brand presence and ensuring that campaigns ring in higher revenue.

The ascent of app developers and app marketing.

In 2016, app-based marketing has been trending across multiple channels.  Customers, clients, prospects and business associates are relying phenomenally on the apps as much as they were dependent on google.  Google`s app streaming feature ensures that users may access app functionality within the search results. Once they know what the app is all about they may install the same. Simultaneously businesses worldwide are developing apps and as marketers, your success may depend on how you make the most of it.

In addition to technically advanced products and services, the authentic mailing list of pharmaceutical industries is here to stay. If you are an avid marketer why not purchase the pharmaceutical lists from Confaab and take your campaigns a notch higher?


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