Top 5 Challenges Faced By Recruiters

Recruitment is a process of sourcing new employees into the organisation. The ownership of recruitment lies with the department of human resources. The authority may slightly differ based on the specific organizational structure. Recruitment is an umbrella term that entails analysis, sourcing, screening and selection and on boarding.

Recruitment is the core function of the human resource department that refers to the process of finding the right candidate for the job. It is a streamlined process that entails screening of the candidate based on the qualifications, knowledge and skills. The HR department is responsible for sourcing the right candidature by identifying the best man for the job based on per-determined parameters. Advertising about the position to be filled is yet another important step in recruitment. Apart from this, HR recruiters are also responsible for discussing the salary and closing the job offer.


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Recruitment may be broadly classified as:

  • Internal Recruitment
  • External Recruitment
  • Lateral Hiring

The advantages of the internal recruitment procedure is that it saves considerable resources. Besides, hiring individuals with some knowledge of how the business operates is always an advantage. There are disadvantages involved in the process of recruitment as a person who has been promoted may have to be replaced. External recruitment on the other hand makes it possible to draw a wide range of talent and bigger opportunities and ideas for business. Hiring a person at the same organizational level or remuneration is known as lateral hiring.

The Top 4 challenges faced by recruiters:

  • Lack of transparency: Not providing sufficient information about the job can prove detrimental to successful recruitment and candidate retention.
  • Candidates that are not a cultural fit: Candidates who seem perfect on paper may not be the right cultural fit for the specific business. In order to overcome this challenge, recruiters must provide valuable insight about the office culture in the form of videos and more to make candidates more familiar with the culture to see if they will be the right fit for the place.
  • Lack of communication: There may be a communication gap between the candidates and managerial level executives hence it is best they do not get involved in the screening process. A regular HR executive should be able to communicate all the necessary information to candidates at the time of the interview. This enables the HR department to hire the best talent.
  • Inconsistent communication: Time is a constraint when quick recruitment is the need of the hour. Recruiters often face challenges of finding time to float out the job requirements, schedule interviews and communicate with the candidates on time to keep them engaged and informed about the job opportunities.

The challenges may be overcome by providing candidates with a clear picture of what to expect when they enroll for jobs. Providing the best representation of the brand at every stage of the hiring process ensures that recruiters save time and select ideal candidates. If you wish to reach HR managers and HR executives, choose the HR mailing list from Confaab and take your campaigns to the targeted audience without any delays.



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