The Hospital CEO of The Future- What Is He Like?

Hospital CEO is responsible to ensure that each and every aspect in the hospital is functioning smoothly.  The hospital CEO takes a strategic approach to build long lasting associations to ensure long term success in the evergreen and ever growing healthcare sector. Finding a balance in managing the day-to-day operations, effectively planning and meticulously executing the plans are some of the core job responsibilities.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, CEO, the highest ranking corporate officer is the authoritative decision maker who determines and formulates the policies and provides direction to the organization. The CEO is responsible for the planning, direction and co-ordination of various operations with the able assistance of executives and staff managers. But how is a hospital CEO different? What does he do differently?

For years, hospital CEOs have been ensuring the smooth functioning of the administrative and operational sections across the healthcare centers. The changing times have impacted the way the hospitals function. So what are the responsibilities of the future hospital CEO?

The CEO of the future may focus on the following aspects:

The CEO of the future should emphasize on the learning curve and accept change:

The healthcare landscape is changing phenomenally and new care models are becoming integral to the changes. CEOs should therefore focus on keeping the hospital finances up so as to be able to afford the infusion of new technologies.  The hospital CEO of the future should imbibe imagination and flexible thinking with the ability to diligently reorganize management teams. For a hospital to thrive, leaders should be able to take new concepts, inculcate them and manage the system efficiently.

Employ data for better results:

Healthcare data plays a predominant role in the smooth functioning of the system as it facilitates effective analysis and accurate evaluation. Healthcare data mining is thus the catchphrase in the healthcare domain. The hospital CEO of the future must therefore know how to analyse data to make the right financial and other purchase decisions.

The CEO should be clinically competent:

Coordinated care is integral to the healthcare system and the CEO should be able to comprehend the clinical operations to zero in on the gaps in the system. He should be able to chart out programs that can effectively support the business strategies employed by the system.

Hospital CEO should be financially focused:

The Chief Executive Officer across the healthcare system should have sound financial knowledge and a strong grasp on the different financial facets of the system. He should be well versed with different payment modules and reforms associated with it. In depth knowledge about the financial facets and proper understanding and ability to build integrated network go a long way in strengthening the system.

Good at resolving conflict:

According to Leonard Marcus, Director of the ‘Program for Health Care Negotiation and Conflict Resolution’ at the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health, the skill to resolve conflict is a quality that makes the CEO stand out. Conflict resolving skills are skills that every competent CEO should possess in order to manage the team and foster smooth functioning of the system.

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